Company resorts

  • Považská Bystrica

    The centre Povazská Bystrica benefits from its location, it is located in the highway of Žilina – Bratislava. Its production technology can be adapted to individual customer requirements -including impregnation of timber.

  • Kláštor pod Znievom

    The Centre Klastor pod Znievom offers the possibility of drying timber and in addition creates secondary production – glued prism.

  • Ružomberok

    The Centre Ruzomberok is located on the outskirts of the city of Ružomberok, at the main road Ružomberok-Banská Bystrica.

Our services


We offer timber for constructions, joinery softwood timber (lumber, roofing late, plates, composite timber).


We offer firewood (beech, oak), briquettes and pellets from various producers in Slovakia.


We offer wide range of wooden tiles, different sorts of floorboards and garden furniture.

Company information

Wood Working s.r.o.

The structure of the Wood Working company, s.r.o. consists of 4 separate resorts of wood industry production::

  • SDV Ružomberok
  • SDV Kláštor pod Znievom
  • SDV Považská Bystrica
  • SDV Klin

Company management undertakes to apply and maintain the requirements of the consumer chain of wood in accordance with the directive: 2002 2013 CFCS. This means that the company is ready to buy and deliver the certified raw material in the maximum quantities.

Management of the company further undertakes that it will adhere to the principles for the protection of health, safety at work and the labour force, which are based on the Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work, which was adopted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 1998.